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Perhaps the concept of order cannot be changed, but you can decide to put your hob in order! Ordine! A revolution that will change the cook-top concept, a ‘burner’ that you freely place whenever you need to on your hob and then, when you have finished, you just need to hang it like a cooking-utensil or pot.

More freedom to interpret cooking space, modularity, grading …a small brick.

Lego to tell cooking stories, magic and unconceivable scenarios of an architectural style to be re-invented.

Ordine transforms and creates a new order in the kitchen...Ordine is a revolution- a deconstruction of the induction hob, as we know it today. The hob is no longer an irremovable block in your kitchen, where the distance between the nozzles is never enough when you are cooking with larger pots. With Ordine you will decide at what distance the nozzles need to be while cooking and how to put them back leaving the surface free when you don’t need to cook.

Ordine everyone!

Ordine is the forefather of the innovative Evolution line which rewrites the meaning, the operation and the furniture design and household appliances, to meet the needs and dreams of today and tomorrow.

The central base is dedicated to commands: Intuitive with touch icons, allows immediate switching on and off and a guide in power regulation. The structure is robust: in elegant and waterproof Ash wood

Ordine allows you to build your own kitchen Island wherever you want.

The optional Island allows you to take advantage of the support structure as a container for the plates, of pots or other useful accessories.
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