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Fabita is a young and dynamic Italian kitchen hood and induction hob manufacturing company based in the beautiful region of the Marche, surrounded by hills and olive trees.

Fabita has started to live a new life today, a transformation cured in cooperation with Adriano Design. Two brand new product lines, the 'Dream Line' made up of 'objects' never before seen, with innovative features and scenarios that will create and enhance living spaces and uses thus making users 'feel new experiments', and the 'Material Line' which includes smart, high quality products manufactured with materials typical to handcraft work yet governed by logic, cost and reliability typical to industrial production. Fabita is proud to have a new logo, a new image, new graphics and design, and a variety of original and amazing new products to show and describe: we are delighted today, and would like to share along with you this new and fantastic adventure of ours.