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Should you for any reason not be fully satisfied of your purchase, you shall be entitled to a refund or replacement of the product purchased as long as you return it within and not over fourteen (14) of the calendar year as from the delivery date.

 In order to be eligible for the a.m. services you are kindly  requested to fill in the appropriate form.




In the event Consumer deem to be not fully satisfied of his/her purchase, he/she withholds the right to terminate the contract stipulated or request the replacement of the product without any additional charges or necessarily specifying the reason as long as such request be carried out within and not over fourteen (14) working days as from receipt of goods or for services on termination of said "on line" contract.

The terms for afore-going said deadline is intended the moment the goods be returned and consigned to the postal-office or forwarding agent.

In the event Consumer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal and return the purchased goods, he/she shall ensure that the product be intact and in perfect condition. It will just be sufficient to ensure that the product be well-kept and looked after ensuring that it was used with meticulous care and attention. The only charges to be borne by Consumer are those concerning the return of the goods to Supplier; excepting where Consumer may initially have received faulty, damaged or wrong products. Should the afore-going have occurred, then shall shipping costs too be borne by Supplier.

 It is mandatory that all items returned be in the same conditions as they were shipped, provided with original packing and any eventual user’s  manuals It is hereby specified that any eventual transport risks on returning the goods shall entirely be borne by Purchaser. Consumer shall not exercise the right of withdrawal  for the purchase of well-sealed audio-visual or software products that have been unwrapped by him/her; the same equally applies to customised or personalised products that owing to their nature cannot be sent back or that run the risk of deteriorating or being altered rapidly.

Refunds shall be executed without any charge applied in the shortest time possible and in any case within and not over thirty (30) days as from receipt of Consumer’ notice  expressing his/her exercise of the right of withdrawal .

By refund is intended those sums that will be effectively returned, sent or accredited in accordance to the terms stipulated, with running value of currency following the stipulated deadline that will previously have been specified. In pursuance to art. 64 of Legislative Decree no.206 dated 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code), the method to exercise the right of withdrawal shall be via registered letter with return receipt sent to the following address:




Company Details 

Said communication shall be sent within the established deadline by telegram, email or fax too as long as it is confirmed by a registered letter with return receipt within and not over the following forty-eight (48) hours; all registered letters must be sent within reasonable time and within the specified terms prescribed on the contract.

Fabita Srl shall accept returned goods reserving the right to make sure  that the goods have been returned in their original state and original packing. It will be necessary anyway to wrap the goods with a protective packing in order to preserve their integrity and to protect them from any writing or labels to be applied.

In the event Purchaser be wishing to exercise his/her right of withdrawal /or request a replacement of purchased products, the underlying communication will be provided with specific  forms in attachment.

The form will have to be filled in completely and sent off in accordance to the terms and conditions here-above specified. In the absence of the afore-going requisites, Supplier shall not acknowledge Purchaser the right of withdrawal .


Fabita srl shall refund the sum relating to the purchased goods delivered within the terms and conditions as specified by law and anyway within thirty (30 days), only after having received the goods and ensuring that all the requisites have been fully observed.

Refunds on credit-cards or debit cards: time taken to be able to visualise the refund will depend on the Credit Institute that has issued the card.

Refunds on goods paid cash on delivery: refunds will be deposited directly on your Current Account that you will have given. Should the data you have entered be correct, you will be able to visualise the sum refunded on your Statement of Account directly the month following your request.

You are kindly requested to indicating your bank details on the Return of goods form provided for you on the same email in attachment.